Transit in Lexington

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MBTA – Bus and Train

Routes 62, 76, and 62/76 serve Lexington to Alewife, Bedford VA, Lincoln Labs, and Hanscom AFB both via Lexington Center (inbound / outbound). The 77 terminates at Arlington Heights # near East Lexington and the Minuteman Bikeway, the 78 covers some of East Lexington, and the 61 goes near South Lexington in Waltham. All buses are accessible and have bike racks. Read the MBTA's Bus Guide for more details.

Connections to the Red Line can be made at Alewife or Harvard.

Fares can be paid with a CharlieCard or Cash. The bus fare is $1.70 and rapid-transit is $2.40. High school and middle school students are eligible for reduced fares; contact your school to get a Student CharlieCard. Trips can be planned with Google Maps, Apple Maps, or the MBTA-endorsed Transit app.

Lexpress – Bus

Lexpress is a local bus service operated by the Town of Lexington around Lexington. It operates four routes connecting at Depot Square in Lexington Center. Fares are $2 for adults, $1.75 for youth ($0 under 5), and $0.75 for seniors outside of 9:30am to 1:30pm. Find more details on the Lexpress website.

Trips can be planned with Google Maps or the Lexpress schedule.

128 Business Council - Bus

The 128 BC offers commuter service between Alewife and Lexington Center and Alewife and Hartwell Ave among their other routes. Find more details about routes and fares on the 128 BC website.

MBTA Better Bus Project

The draft Bus Network Redesign proposal keeps MBTA bus service in Lexington at it's current, pandemic, levels. The Town and community are asking the MBTA to keep it at prepandemic levels and add service on more frequented areas.

Take a look at the MBTA Bus Network Redesign Proposal.

Read the letter from the Town of Lexington's Town Manager, read the letter from the Mass. Lexington delegation, and the letter from the community.

The community letter asks the MBTA for 30-minute or better service from the shared portions of routes 62 and 76, as it was pre-COVID, retain service to the High School and Center on the 76, and to extend the 77, from Arlington Heights to Lexington Center to connect us directly to Arlington Center, Porter Square, and Harvard Square. Read and sign it if you agree. Nearly 200 people have so far.